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Equity SIP Equity Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is an instrument which facilitates wealth creation in a disciplined manner by averaging cost of Investments over a longer term. Forget timing the markets, take small steps to create a big investment corpus for future. SIP is similar to recurring deposits in Banks the only difference is that it allows you an opportunity to earn possible capital gains and dividend income simultaneously.


You can choose from amongst two types of SIP methods, viz. Amount Based and Quantity Based SIP

Amount based SIP In this, a fixed amount (of your choice) can be invested in stocks of your choice (selected from available list) at a pre defined frequency and duration. You can choose a maximum of 10 scrips and choose amount of your choice and duration from drop down.

Quantity based SIP In this option, you can opt to buy a certain number of shares of a scrip and list upto 5 such scrips to purchase in each incidence of an SIP. You can select an appropriate duration for the SIP.


1.       Easy to track your investments through EQUITYSIP online.

2.       Convenience of modifying / suspending your EQUITYSIP.

3.       Choose between stocks, Gold ETFs or Index ETFs.

4.       Amount or quantity can be specified as per your requirement.

5.       Suspend and /or Restart your EQUITYSIP at your convenience.



Invest Smaller amount develop an equity portfolio.


No need to invest in lump sum amounts at one time investment in small amounts to build a large long term portfolio.


Better Average Cost

Lower your average costs by purchasing during high and low of market cycles; no worries about timing the markets.


Wide range of choice

Choose between stocks, Gold ETFs or Index ETFs, plan and manage your own investments to build a strong portfolio.


Research based investment.

Our research advice helps you to choose value stocks.



Buy & sell stocks, suspend and restart your SIP at your convenience.


How to create SIP Online


1.       Log on to your trading account and create a SIP basket.

2.       Choose the nature of SIP.

3.       Select the Frequency of the SIP. It could be daily weekly, fortnightly, monthly.

4.       Select the period of the EQUITYSIP, which can range from 24 months 120 months and choose a start date.

5.       Select the scrip, gold ETF or index ETF that you wish to invest in and the amount.

6.       Tick on Agree to Terms and Conditions and confirm your order.


Terms & Conditions apply.